A Quinceanera is a special occasion for the Latin community. It’s a rite of passage into womanhood for girls turning 15. Many Latin parents go all out to create a special day for their daughter, including having an elaborate Quinceanera complete with a venue, dinner, dancing and more. For the big day, the girl will have a court, which will include a number of her female and male friends (which are called Chambelanes).


Because it’s such a special occasion, formal wear will be required if your son is asked to be a Chambelane. This includes a special suit that also complements the theme and colors of the Quinceanera. Usually, Chambelanes are asked to wear a tuxedo with the colors of the party chosen by the birthday girl. There are a number of different suit and tux choices to choose, and we have a vast selection of options for that special birthday occasion.